Hey guise sorry we haven’t  been posting much, we’ve been rather preoccupied with stuff at school/getting our vaca to China lined up/hanging out with friends who are leaving korea soon/generally being stressed about lots of stuff PLZ DON’T LEAVE US WE LUVS YOU ALL

here have some adorkable Taohun

  • Suho:

    Luhan, our show starts in 10 minutes, where is everyone?

  • Luhan:

    What do you mean? EXO-M is here and ready to go!

  • Suho:

    Like half your group is missing.

  • Luhan:

    No, they're not! I'm here... Xiumin's here... and uh... -points to Tao- the other one's here.

  • Suho:

    Tao is only here because he used his ninja skills to pack himself in Sehun's suitcase. Two of your members are missing.

  • Luhan:

    Look, Xiumin's here so I doubt fans will even notice if Yisha-

  • Suho:


  • Luhan:

    - and Jennifer -

  • Suho:


  • Luhan:

    -are here.

  • [Totally Confirmed] After much observation, it seems that the popular OTP known as TaoHun, has been seeking out council from the well-known, veteran OTP known as EunHae, in the ways of acting as a professional OTP. Donghae, seems to be mentoring Sehun in the art of OTPing on social networking sites, such as Instagram. We can see on Donghae and Sehun’s Instagram posts today, what experts think is a “do-as-I-do” exercise between mentor and apprentice. We will continue to observe this apprenticeship with great interest in the coming months.

    Source: 동해 선생님

    [Totally Confirmed] Today is Admin K’s birthday so you all should submit Xiumin facts and/or Xiumin pictures and/or the actual Xiumin to our inbox.

    Source: Taohun or Xiuhan also accepted.


    in EXO fandom why are fans called SQUIDS AND POTATOES? :3

    I cant decide if this is a legit question or if this is the beginning of a joke, and I’m supposed to answer “idk, why?”

    IF, though, this is a legit question, I’m going to assume the squid comes from that one time a fan suggested “Squid” as the fandom name during a radio interview…”Potatoes” tho….I can’t even come up with an obscure excuse for that one…

    If this IS the beginning of a joke, then my answer is- I don’t know, why?

  • Luhan:

    -lays on Xiumin's bed- Ooh, so comfy. Wanna join me, Minseok? ;)

  • Xiumin:


  • I am a relative of an sm employee and I have something shocking to report

    Your bias is dating you

  • SM:

    Wooow look at the f(x) comeback isn't it shiny and nice

  • SM:

    please forget about baekyeon

  • American groups:

    We're not selling enough albums we need to have a scandal

  • Korean groups:

    We're selling too many albums we need to have a scandal