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What will he do when he learns his dream girl and Luhan are one and the same?

Sehun seems to be researching.. 

Maybe he knows the truth… that Lay actually died shortly after EXO’s debut, so Heaven sent an angel in his place.

Or maybe he’s worried Tao’s still mad about the peppero thing.


Now that Xiumin is going to act, only poor Sekai are locked in SM basement... When are they going to get personal activities :(( wae are they not giving them one doe

Sehun made a personal schedule for himself back in January. It was written in one of those rainbow crayons on the back of an HRC flyer Tao brought him from America. It says

Day 1: Date Tao cuz he’s mega hot
Day eventually: Date girls cuz ur totally straight xoxoxo ♥♥
Day idk: Finish 50 chapter Taeyeon/Miranda Kerr fanfic and tell Kris his face is stupid ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Day whatever: Be bros with Kai and talk about cool straight bro things like how fine Ryan Gosling is
Day who cares: Repent for doing things you’re supposed to do with girls with Tao. Jesus will probs be chill bout it cuz Tao’s like way hot
Day in July sometime: forgive Luhan for throwing a shoe at you when you showed him a pic of your dream girl and called her babe-a-licious
Right now: make out with Tao

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