[Totally Confirmed] Kai and Sehun heard that in some places, 4/20 was a day for “smoking weed”. They decided to try out the tradition, by pulling some weeds from their yard and setting them on fire. They found watching the smoke rather anticlimactic, but were still excited to be taking part in a beloved tradition. Later, they texted Kris to chronicle their 4/20 adventure in great detail to him. Kris replied to them to explain that they had celebrated the day incorrectly, as they were supposed to have used the smoke to roast marshmallows to make s’mores. Kai and Sehun have resolved to spend their next 4/20 with Kris.

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uugh the heartbreak.... it's too real Q^Q ChanKai......

Chanyeol might need a new pet to recover from this one…

[Totally Confirmed] Yesterday, Sehun sauntered into the EXO-K dorms to find Chanyeol eating ice cream while watching soccer and definitely not “The Notebook”. Seeing vulnerable Chanyeol as an opportunity to promote his OTP, Sehun sat down next to Chanyeol and causally mentioned how nice Kai had looked that day. Chanyeol stood up in a rage and shouted, “YOU ARE THE WORST” to Sehun before storming off to bury his sorrows in in science. Sehun texted a manager to inform him that Chanyeol was throwing a temper tantrum. The manager replied that he was in China, and couldn’t solve the problem. A few minutes later, the manager added, “Tao told me to tell you that you look sexy with your hair pushed back. You can’t say no to that guy.” Sehun sighed and went to buy Chanyeol a new hamster.

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I wonder if the person who just unfollowed us was Chanyeol

Because I would understand why he would be mad at us for sharing that information

[Totally Confirmed] Suho finally caught Sehun on film updating his Kai RP blog. He showed the video to Kai, to prove that the blog wasn’t being written by Kai in periods of black-out. Kai was shocked and relieved, and quickly hurried to find Chanyeol to tell him the news. When Kai texted Chanyeol to ask where he was, Chanyeol requested that Kai meet him in the park across from the SM building. Once Kai had arrived, he discovered that Chanyeol was waiting with flowers, surrounded by curious but surprisingly quiet fans. Kai immediately explained that he hadn’t been writing the Kai blog after all, and that it had all been a prank by Sehun. Kai assured him that he didn’t have conflicted feelings for him after all. Chanyeol’s face slowly fell as Kai gleefully explained the situation, for shortly before Kai had arrived he had explained to all the fans outside the SM building that he was finally willing to give dating Kai a shot because he thought that maybe he did like him as a little more than a friend. Instead of admitting this, Chanyeol forced himself to laugh and said he was glad that Kai had figured the whole thing out. Kai asked who the flowers were for, causing Chanyeol to panic and grab a random fan out of the crowd, giving the flowers to her. According to fanaccounts, the entire situation was very depressing to behold. Said one fangirl, “I would rather sit through six hours of math class than watch my oppa be painful shot down in front of a crowd again.”


[Totally Confirmed] Today, on the way to Seoul, TCEF spotted a car advertising Luhan’s new fraternity for manly men. Their activities include shopping, bro coffee dates, slumber parties, and nail art parties.